In September 2014 the Sumosan group introduced a new concept called Buba By Sumosan. Serving the high-quality Japanese produce that the Sumosan brand is known for, Buba by Sumosan aims to capture the wider audience with a moderate price tag.

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BUBA BY SUMOSAN makes it possible!
Close, inexpensive and despite that still
giving customers quality food.

– Harper’s Bazaar

best sushi restaurants in dubai
If you think you know everything about Japanese
cuisine – you haven’t tried the rolls from Stanislav Kim –
the chef of BUBA BY SUMOSAN

– Fraufluger

Speaking about the food in BUBA BY SUMOSAN;
nothing changes, everything is perfect. You
definitely get what you expect!

– Afisha

A new venture of the BUBA BY SUMOSAN team –
mind-blowing sushi and rolls as well as dishes
cooked on the Josper grill.

– Gracia

There’s good sushi and then there‘s great sushi –
and SUMOSAN‘s is certainly the latter.

– Vouge